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Children Vaccination dilemma continues

As schools reopen, the Italian children vaccination dilemma rumbles on. Italy has introduced this year compulsory vaccination for 10 vaccines for children attending school up to age 16 in an effort to combat what it described as misinformation about vaccines. The new regulation came as an answer to the measles outbreak, this year, which has recorded three times more than the measles cases in 2016. The number of two-year-olds vaccinated against measles had dropped from more than 90% to below 80%. This was well short of the World Health Organization's recommended coverage of 95% or more.


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The End of C.O.A.S.I.T UK?

Silvestro de Besi, Chairman of COASIT has posted the following update on the COASIT website: Dear Parents, It is with immense regret that I have to announce that the Board of Directors, in its meeting held on 28th June 2018, decided unanimously to wind up COASIT.


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60% of unemployed young Italians would not relocate to get a job?

Italy has always had a high Youth Unemployment Rate. Statistics on young people neither in employment nor in education or training (NEET) showed that the highest rates in 2017, in Europe, were recorded in Italy and Greece, where approximately one third of all young people aged 20–34 were neither in employment nor in education and training (30.7 % and 30.5 % respectively). The surprising news is that 60% of Italian unemployed people aged between 20 and 34 would not be ready to transfer to get a job. A 20% share is willing to do so within the Peninsula and the remaining 20% also abroad (7% in Europe, 13% outside). The poor propensity to the mobility of Italian millennials emerged from a report published by Eurostat, the European statistical agency.


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Is Italy turning more aggressive and violent?

The now ruling north league party which is the junior partner in Italy's governing coalition has proposed that individuals should be allowed to shoot anyone who enters their home, even in the absence of a clear physical threat. Almost a decade earlier in 2006, the party introduced a “legitimate defence” bill, permitting the use of knives or guns in order to protect lives or belongings if these were threatened in their home or workplace. The reform, passed by Italian parliament, applied only if there was danger of aggression and the attacker showed no signs of backing down. In spring 2017 Italy's upper house of parliament voted to extend the law to include any night-time break-in, or a robbery attempt involving threats or violence to people or things. This means people would no longer have the necessity to prove that they feared for their lives. The amendment still needs approval from the Italian Senate before becoming law.


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The 2018 OGI Games

The 2018 OGI Games were held at Allianz Park (formerly Copthall) on the bank holiday weekend of the 26th, 27th and 28th May 2018. This year’s breakthrough was the introduction of photo finishing equipment. Around 750 competitors take part in each OGI Games which attract up to 5000 spectators over the three days. This year 600 athletes with approximately 2000 supporting families and friends were expected to participate. Four teams took part


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Italian Election Deadlock to drive talent abroad?

Will the uncertain government resulting from the Italian elections push more of Italy’s top talents abroad, exacerbating a trend that has affected the country for more than a decade? Since 2007, 1.5 million people have left and 8% of the Italian population currently reside abroad, accounting for roughly 5.5 million Italians.


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Dreaming of working in Italy's public sector

Working in the public sector is still one of the most sought-after dreams in Italy. Unfortunately, for many it remains a dream, as places are scarce and it is necessary to go through a long selection process. Applicants for some nurse positions in the public sector made headlines, as over 2,000 people applied for just five nurse positions, on the outskirts of Turin, worth a monthly gross salary of €1,890. The tests took place in a local basketball stadium, with candidates sitting on benches and filling in their tests on clipboards.


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Italy has one of the lowest female employment rates in Europe

It’s tough to be a woman in Italy, as the country has one of the lowest female employment rates in Europe, second only to Greece. It also has one of the lowest birth rates and only 54 percent of women return to work after having a child, one of the possible reasons being that childcare in Italy is mostly undertaken by grandparents because the state doesn’t help much.


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Teenage violence escalating

In the last two months the media have been reporting an escalation of violence involving gangs of teenagers often attacking their peers in middle-class neighbourhoods of Naples, especially where most of the nightlife takes place. At least eleven incidents were reported in the past two months, including the stabbing of a 17-year-old, the mugging of two teens by a gang armed with chains, and a violent beating that caused the 15-year-old victim to have his spleen removed.


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Italy's birth rate continues to fall and sets a new record low

The number of babies born in Italy continues to drop and Italy's birth rate has hit another negative record. According to the latest figures from the national statistics bureau, Istat, 464,000 babies were born in Italy in 2017, down by 2% on 2016. This means 9,000 below the 2016 total, which was already 12,000 fewer than the year before that, marking the lowest birth rate since Italy’s unification in 1861. Taking into account the past 10 years, the situation is even more worrying as births have fallen by 100,000.


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