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State aid for the elderly in Italy

In Italy State aid for the care for the elderly is supplied by the Government and by local administrations. 

One of the services available is the home care service, which can include basic nursing or rehabilitation services or more complex medical needs.

Welfare benefits are also available for Italian citizens of at least 65 years of age, regardless of their tax contribution in the previous years.

If they don’t have any income, or have an income of less than the limits established by law.For the year 2012, this limit is € 5,577.00 per year, increased to € 11,154.00
for married people.

The right is also extended to foreigners who have a residence permit and have resided in Italy legally and continuously for at least 10 years.

Also the people in care homes can benefit from this allowance but if the boarding cost is paid for by a public body, the allowance is reduced by 50 percent. 

The amount of capital is determined by the difference between the estimated annual income limit and the income declared. The amount is reassessed annually. For 2012 it was set at € 429 per month, payable in 13 monthly instalments.

Social pensions

The social pension is a form of assistance - now replaced by the social allowance -that INPS pays to people over 65 resident in Italy who have no income or have
an income less than the money given with the social pension.   

The amount received may vary based on income and marital status of the applicant. It increases year by year, to the same extent as increases the INPS minimum pension, according to a ministerial decree.

The social allowance

From 1 January 2009, shall be paid by INPS to persons residing legally in Italy for at least ten years continuously. Unchanged the other requirements: you must be
at least 65 years old, not have other forms of pension and have an annual income that does not exceed € 5,317.65. The social allowance replaces the social pension since 1996. The fixed amount for 2011 is € 417.30 per month.

Increase of the social pension

The legislation provides also for an increase of the social pension, if the citizen does not possess income or they have it to a very limited extent. From 1st
January 2002, “la finanziaria” has determined an increase, in order to guarantee an income of € 516.46 per month for thirteen months.

The amount received increases year by year, to the same extent as the minimum pension INPS.

This service, in addition to being related to the age of the pensioner and the minimum amount of his pension, is given in the presence of certain income limits. For the unmarried, the limit is € 7,730.32, for married couples the income must not exceed a total of € 13,047.97.

Social card

The purchase card is designed to support families and the elderly in food spending, in certain shops, and domestic use of electricity and gas. It is a common card
payment and expenditures are not charged to the card holder, but directly to the State. The people who can benefit are:

• people over 65 and families who have an income of up to € 6,235.35 per year with children under the age of 3 years;

• people over 70 with incomes up to € 8,313.80 per year.

The social card has a value of 40 euro per month.  .

Civil disability

People with disabilities or illness of a physical, mental or sensory impairment, which cause functional limitations, can apply for the “Civil disability”. Are
considered disabled civilians, citizens with difficulty in performing the duties and functions of their own age if under 18 or over 65, or who have a reduced capacity to work of at least one third. The benefit includes disability pension, the benefit for accompaniment, and welfare benefits.


Giulia Lombardo

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