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Pompei Renovation update

The “grande progetto Pompei” came to life. The first two construction sites were opened in February. The project aims to requalificate
the archaeological site of Pompei by the end of 2015. 105 million Euros have been allocated by the EU, “Fesr” (Fondo Europeo per lo Sviluppo Regionale) and
the Italian Government, to restore one of the biggest open- air museums of the world.

There are two interventions foreseen for the project Pompei of 105 million Euros, of which 42 million is to be  paid by Brussels and the rest divided between
the Italian Government and the Campania region.

It is the biggest investment ever been dedicated to this archaeological site, since its discovery and excavation.

The most serious problems are the geological and hydrogeological instability; the structural failure; the collapse of pieces of
walls, the deterioration of the plaster, decorated or not and the decay of theupper parts of the walls. All of these problems are to be solved with specific
projects which involve the structural consolidation, the restoration of both the architectural elements and frescoes, and also safety measures for visitors.
These various projects, as soon as they will be completed, will guarantee security levels compatible with a long-term preservation of all parts of the archaeological site.

The project was created just after the news of the collapse of the “casa dei gladiatori” in November 2010 when the images of the
poor maintenance and the degrade of the archaeological site were shown by the media all over the world.   

 For the cost of 1.4 million, works will be realized in the “Casa dei dioscuri”, which will last for not more than 730 days.

There will be the restoration of the “Domus” and the construction of a protective cover that will protect the “affreschi” and will also make the access to the archaeological area easier.

For the second project the works will include safety precautions for the “casa del Criptoportico” with the reinforcement of the walls, the repristination of the original volume, the construction of a walk-way for tourists for the cost of about 563.000 Euros within one year.

The investment will be less than 2 million Euros, very little confronted with the budget of the entire cost, which will have to be spent within 2015. Four other tenders will take place. The value of the whole works will amount to 9 million. Three of the tenders will be held in June and nine in November.

On the 14th of February an international competition was published online, “99ideas” to confront ideas and projects.

The main focus of the competition is the revaluation of the urban area, in particular the archaeological site and the sanctuary.

The official notice of the competition can be found  on www.99ideas.it.

Giulia Lombardo

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