Our supporters

Supporting organisations who help Backhill

We would like to thank the companies individuals and organisations who have made Backhill online from an idea into a reality.

The Mazzini Garibaldi Foundation

Providing the belief in and funding the design and build of Backhill Online, in the past 12 months, in excess of £60,000 of grants have been approved by the Trustees and include financial support for the 2010 Olimpiadi Gioventù Italiana (OGI); grants to The Villa Scalabrini Care Home in Shenley; a donation to L’Aquila Earthquake Fund; a contribution to essential lift repairs at St Peter’s Club, Clerkenwell; financial support to a theatre group; sponsorship for the creation of an Italian Community website; financial support for the creation of an infants’ activity centre at St. Peter’s Church; and a financial contribution to the new Arandora Star memorial in Cardiff.

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CPP Chartered Accountants

No business can survive, let alone prosper, without access to specialist advice and information on a range of financial matters.

Our broad experience, gained from working with companies in a variety of business sectors, means we can take an informed but independent view of your business and help you tackle any and every situation on the financial horizon.

Medium-sized and small businesses can seldom justify the cost of in-depth internal financial management. But our personal service, tailored precisely to fit your requirements, means you can now have exactly that.

"CPP were fantastic in one year alone they saved me over £20,000 with good advice and good business foresight. I have to recommend them to anyone needing an accountant." Charles Fenoughty, Barnet

To get in touch with CPP, call: 020 7880 7272 or email: enquiries@cppca.co.uk