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Italy's dog friendly baches

If you are a dog lover wishing to spend you summer in Italy you might need to know that private, dog-friendly establishments throughout the national territory make up only 1% of the total, but this number is on the increase. Every region or municipality has its own rules in terms of dog-friendly accommodations and services, therefore it is crucial to be informed about regulations on public beaches.

As a general rule, they all require an up-to-date Pet Care Card, canine registration and animals must be kept on a leash under the beach umbrella.

Here are some of the most famous beaches were dogs are allowed. The Bau Bau Village in Albisola Marina (Savona) offers hot and cold showers, bowls, waste bags, wipes, recreation areas, and a special leash to be attached to the beach umbrella. The “Snoopy beach” in Grado Pineta (Gorizia) offers 120 spaces for dogs of all sizes, agility areas, drinking fountains and cold showers.

In Tuscany, there is the Dog Beach, in Botro ai Marmi, San Vincenzo (Livorno) with 300 spaces for dogs of all sizes who are permitted on the beach without a leash. 

In Puglia, La Taverna di Santos, in Torre Canne, Fasano (Brindisi), was awarded in 2011 by the Ministry of Tourism as best animal friendly beach and by OIPA as one of the most functional examples of animal beaches. It offers water fountains with bowls, the possibility to swimm freely and at any time under the owner’s supervision, and 17 acres of fenced area for running. In Campania, at the Bau Bau Beach Village in Marina di Eboli, dog owners receive for their pet, at the entrance, a bowl of cold water and waste bags. The dogs have well-equipped areas and a pool, toiletry and play areas. In Sardinia, the Tiliguerta Dog Beach (Muravera, Cagliari) is an area on the white beach of Costa Rei, where dogs are free to play, run around without a leash, and swim.

Near Rome, in the Maccarese area there is a 7,000-sqm stretch of sand known as Baubeach. This beach is designated exclusively for dogs and their owners and this year celebrates 20 years of activity. Dogs can play and run around freely, with drinking water provided and their owners are offered refreshment areas serving health foods and workshops in canine first-aid. From this year the area offers also a broad range of services for dogs as well as a children's play area. Other facilities for dog owners include meditation and Pilates classes where their dogs can accompany them.

However, not everyone is admitted to Baubeach. Aggressive dogs are not welcome but non-aggressive dogs are generally not required to be kept on a leash. Also, puppies under three months and female dogs in heat are not permitted. All dogs must possess their required identification microchip, and owners must present an up-to-date record of each dog’s vaccination history.

Giulia Lombardo

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