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John Capella Memorial Mass Saturday 4th February

Backhill is sad to report the death of John (Giovanni) Capella aged 63 from a sudden heart attack on Thursday 5th January 2012. Our condolences to John's wife Suzanne, their family, brother Peter, sisters Miriam Manzi and Paola Bolognini and their families. The funeral was held on Thursday 19th January at St Mary Magdalene Church in Helmdon attended by family and numerous friends. A special mass will be held at St Peter's Church on Saturday 4th February at 7.00.


03-Jan-12 18:12. By Giulia Lombardo | Comments (3)

The strikes against the Italian government’s new measures

The final approval of Mario Monti’s austerity budget in the Senate chamber, and its subsequent conversion into law, was expected by the end of the week before Christmas. However, the new Prime Minister is facing growing discontent. The trade unions in particular manifested their disapproval of the government’s measures.


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Views from Italy on Cameron's stance

Giulia Lombardo reports on some reactions in Italy to David Cameron's decision to keep Britain out of the working group aiming to produce a new treaty.


19-Dec-11 17:48. By Giulia Lombardo | Comments (75)

La Befana

As a typical Italian rhyme says, La Befana vien di notte Con le scarpe tutte rotte Col vestito alla romana Viva, Viva La Befana! La Befana, a typical Italian character of the Italian Folklore, is an old lady who arrives on her broomstick during the night of January the 5th and fills the children’s’ stockings with toys and sweets for the good children, and coal for the bad ones. The old lady is usually portrayed riding a broomstick through the air and wearing a black shawl. She is also usually covered in soot because she enters the children's houses through the chimney. Her main characteristic is to be an ugly scary figure with a kind heart.


09-Dec-11 15:02. By Giulia Lombardo | Comments (10)

New Year’s Eve in London

Made your plans yet for New Year's Eve? Giulia Lombardo looks at a wide range of alternatives including celebrating with friends and family at St Peter's Club, dinner followed by a cruise on the Thames, being entertained at a Comedy Club or a Medieval banquet party


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Pan De Ton

With all the recent depressing news Backhill turns to a much lighter and seasonal topic - the story of how Itlay gave birth to Panettone as features on it begins with a handsome young Milanese noble Ugheto Atellani who loved his falcons but not as much as the baker's daughter (Adalgisa) who he would watch work for hours at a day. His love for her was so great that he hated seeing her work so hard so he disguised himself as a peasant and offered to work for the baker for free.


28-Nov-11 11:39. By Giulia Lombardo | Comments (4)

The new economic measures of Monti's government

The new government is speeding up to present its new economic measures at the European Union council on the 8th of December. To balance its budget, the government is ready to launch a corrective action of the public accounts for 30 billion in 2 years. The decree of public accounts will be ready by next week for the European council of the 8th of December to make it effective from the beginning of the new year. Monti wants to present a well balanced group of measures to close the gap of public accounts, with the revision of the tax burden on real estate, the reintroduction of ICI (a council tax on property on the house of residence) and the revaluation of real value of the house, if not, with some other form of taxation on capital, and asset disposals. Monti also speaks about a reform of professional associations to help the economic growth. However, the complicated reform includes very painful cuts to the pension system and to the social assistance. From September 2012 there will be cuts to the tax benefits (5 percent in 2012 and 20 percent from 2013).


21-Nov-11 18:04. By Giulia Lombardo | Comments (1)

Mario Monti's emergency government

An incredulous and shaken up Italy has welcomed the new emergency government of Mario Monti. After Berlusconi’s resignation, Italians have breathed a sigh of relief and started to hope for a better future for the country. Many greeted the presence of a new, competent and clean face in power with joy. However, in most of the main Italian cities students and trade unions have protested against the banks and the measures taken in face of the financial crisis. They also defined the new government “the government of the bankers” because most of its representatives have connections with the financial sector.


11-Nov-11 12:42. By Giulia Lombardo | Comments (1)

Italy to approve The Austerity Law?

Italy in crisis? Right now, Italy is facing one of the most difficult times in its history. The future of the country seems now to be dependent on the approval of The Austerity Law. Public expenditure cuts, raising of the pension age to 67, higher fuel duties, sales of public properties and land - these are some of the measures within the, yet to be approved, Austerity Law.


01-Nov-11 12:27. By Peter Ciccone | Comments (0)

Survey on 3 generations of London Italians

A BackhillOnline reader is conducting a survey on 3 generations of Italian immigrants in London. If you can, please spend a few minutes to complete the online survey at


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