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Athletics Legend Pietro Mennea passed away

Rome has given its farewell to a champion. On the 21st of March Pietro Mennea died from cancer in a clinic in Rome. The Italian sprinter, who set the record for the 200 metres in Mexico city in 1979 and whose time remains the European 200m record, died at the age of 60. Pietro Mennea held the 200m world record for nearly 17 years. He was known in Italy as “la freccia del sud” (the arrow of the south). The historical day was the 12th of September 1979 at the World University Games in Mexico City where he set the 200m record: 19.72 seconds. Mennea broke the previous record of 19.83, set by the American sprinter Tommie Smith on the same track at the 1968 Olympics. He also beat Britain’s Allan Wells in the 200 metres at the 1980 Moscow Olympics.


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Italian Businesses continue to close at an alarming rate

Italian businesses continue to close at an alarming rate. “Confesercenti” revealed that the beginning of 2013 was strongly negative in all the Italian regions. The worst was Lombardy where 854 shops, bars and restaurants closed but also the Lazio registered 635 companies cancelled.


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The dangers of political deadlock in Italy

Italy holds its breath waiting for the new Government to be formed. The political deadlock has revived fears that Italy might fall again into the Eurozone crisis and for sure, Italy's stagnant economy isn’t going to benefit from political uncertainty. The country is in fact in deep recession, with a record unemployment and a 2-trillion-euro debt. This is the reason why the stalemate deeply concerns European leaders and businessmen.


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Explosion of joy welcomed Pope Francesco

An explosion of joy has welcomed the new Pope “Francesco”. More than 100 thousand people waited in St Peter’s square for the white smoke, announcing the election of the new Pope. The new Pope chose to call himself Francesco in honour of St. Francis of Assisi, the Saint of the poor. He is considered a reformer with a strong focus on concrete actions for the poor.


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An Evening at The Villa raises over £9k

An Evening at The Villa (Scalabrini) in Shenley was a sell out massive success last Saturday night. After cocktails and pre dinner drinks a 4 course menu consisting of Smoked Salmon with chopped shallot and caper dressing, followed by Spinanach and ricotta ravioli with creamed walnut sauce, followed by Veal chop with a rosemary and white wine sauce, roast potatoes and peperonata finished by a fruit tartelt with ice cream and accompanied by nice wines - all this for just £35.


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Chaos after latest Italian General Election

The general election which took place on 24–25 February 2013 to determine the 630 members of the Italian Chamber of Deputies and the 315 elective members of the Senate left Italy in a state of chaos. Italy is ungovernable, lacking a clear majority at the Senate as the centre-left alliance led by the Democratic Party obtained a clear majority of seats in the Chamber of Deputies. The majority bonus trebled the number of seats assigned to the winning force, while in the popular vote the former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi has been narrowly defeated.


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Sharp decline in the number of small shops in Italy

According to a study released by “Confesercenti”, little shops in Italy are disappearing. In the last 10 years one shop out of four has closed. From 2002 to 2012 the average number of retail outlets per thousand inhabitants decreased from 2.1 to 1.6, falling by 24.3 percent. According to “Censis” it is not only an Economical problem but a cultural one. The city and the traders must find something to replace the social/economical life involving the corner shop. A new social network and protection for the environment will be needed after all these activities will be left empty.


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Reaction in Italy to Pope Benedict XV1's resignation

Benedict XVI’s resignation has deeply shaken the public opinion of the Italians, already excited by the political campaign. Apparently, as it was reported by the main newspapers, the Pope decided to resign months ago but it was announced only at the beginning of February. After eight years of papacy Pope Benedict XVI announced he is to resign on the evening of the 28th of February. The news was a bolt from out of the blue, a Pope has not resigned since 1415 and no one could imagine it was going to happen this year.


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Will the Trevi Fountain be branded Fendi forever?

Italy is known all over the world for its famous brands and for its obsession with fashion. Things have been pushed a little further though, as the link between fashion and culture is growing stronger. Some of the best known Italian luxury retailers are involved in the preservation of Italy’s cultural treasures. As a consequence some of the most representative monuments of Rome and other cities in Italy will be branded! Tod’s, for the Coliseum, Fendi for the Trevi fountain, Diesel for the Rialto canal of Venice. When a segment of the Trevi fountain’s ornate sculpting fell down last Summer, Rome appealed for help to restore the crumbling baroque masterpiece. Being the State resources inadequate, an act of social patronage was needed. Fendi came to the rescue. So, Will the Trevi fountain be branded Fendi forever?


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Race Night in memory of Bruna Abbas raises over £10,000

More than £10,000 was raised at a race night in memory of Bruna Carnevale Abbas. The event was attended by family and friends at Finchley Catholic High School on Saturday 2nd February is one of a number of fundriasing events in memory of Bruna. Barclays and Ernst & Young were among the supporters of the event with the money raised being donated to Cancer Research UK.


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