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Gelato Museum

Gelato is a very democratic thing!

Nowadays, in the industrialised world everyone can afford it and even in difficult economical times Coldiretti estimates that Italians will spend 2.5 billion Euros on gelato this year!

Though, it has not always been like this. A long time ago ice-cream was a symbol of power, because ice and salt were expensive ingredients that only aristocrats could afford.

This is only part of the precious information on ice-cream you’ll find at the new free entrance Carpigiani gelato museum which collects for the first time in a museum the complete history of Gelato, recipes and machineries from the first invention to the modern techniques of ice-cream production.

Carpigiani gelato museum is located in Anzola dell’ Emilia, a small town near Bologna.

Carpigiani is a gelato machine maker founded in Bologna in 1946 which now sells its products in more than 100 countries.

The museum traces the history of ice-cream from antique inventions made out of snow and Chinese sherbets.

The first written recipe of the Arabic sugar syrup is on display in the museum together with the de sorbetti treatise on the curative powers of gelato and the first automatic gelato machine introduced in 1931.

The gelato we know today was developed in the modern creamy version in 1550 in Florence by Cosimo Ruggieri, alchemist and astrologer at Caterina de' Medici’s court.

Nevertheless, gelato became a pleasure for everyone only in 1686 when the first gelateria "Le Procope" was opened in Paris.

In the Carpigiani’s collection it’s also possible to find thousands of images from all around the world, such as Italian advertising campaigns and pictures of English people queuing for Mr Whippy’s ice-cream in the 60’s.

A one hour long tour in English, can be booked, during which old recipes can be tasted. At the cost of 10 Euros you can take a short lesson in the university's laboratory and make your own artisan gelato.

A more intensive four-hour course, at the cost of 50 Euros, involves a full theory lesson in gelato making, some practice and tasting.

The museum is open only upon reservation from Tuesday to Saturday from 9am to 6pm.


Giulia Lombardo

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