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Hi I'm an Italian girl who for years has been trying desperately to get in touch and get news of a friend of my grandfather who coobbe during the period of World War II. My grandfather was captured by the British in Africa and spent his long imprisonment in Britain. Intended in a field in London, here one day he met two girls, one of Italian origin (Olga Mazzucchelli) and her friend English (Phyllis) which became the girlfriend of my grandfather. Olga's father was house owner or worked there as a cook at an Italian restaurant in Soho around Piccadilly. My grandfather remembered two addresses: Beak Street, London W1 and Regent Street, London W1. Perhaps one had to essera the home of Phyllis and the other the place where they worked the Olga parents. For years, as I said, desperately trying to get their news. In particular I'm directing track down her friend Olga of which I also know the surname. While Phyllis unfortunately only know the name. is a long beautiful and moving story especially for the final sad that fate has reserved newborn love between my grandfather and the sweet Phyllis. I simply nephew, I would like to know that dear figure in a period like that gave so much affection and hope to my grandfather. I have some photos that I would send myself and if you would be of great help in their search, at least for Olga

You can use this link to reply: francescacavallari1@gmail.com

Hello! Does anyone in your organisation have knowledge of historical records of London's 'Little Italy'? My great great great grandfather arrived in London in the early 1800s and married in St Andrews in Holborn in 1809. His name eventually came to be written as Alexander Belleini and so was probably originally Alessandro Bellini and he was described variously as a picture frame maker or wire worker. I am trying to find out more about him and any help would be much appreciated.

You can use this link to reply: brian_john_smith@hotmail.com

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