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"Land of Fires" - Campania's toxic waste problems

Part of the Campania region is sadly known as the “Land of Fires” for the frequent illegal burning of toxic waste. Last year, firefighters extinguished 2,531 fires in the area. The region has had chronic problems with illegal landfills and the regulations regarding waste disposal have been ignored. The local mafia, the camorra, became a big player of the lucrative waste disposal business in the 1980s and since then toxic waste has been buried illegally in the Campania region for decades.


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The Italian Community Business Directory

It is an exciting time for the Italian community! Not only because Italians represent the second largest community in the UK, coming only after the Polish, but also because Italian businesses are expanding abroad. There are so many Italians living abroad that some advice on where to live, how to settle down, become familiar with the new place, places to visit and things to do, is always appreciated. Dealing with red tape can also be complicated and finding information online is a great help. “The Italian community”, the free Italian business directory, created just 15 months ago, has already 1.3k of members and 50k of social media users interested in Italian networking sites and Italian businesses.


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EU threat to quality of Italian Cheeses

The European Commission has sent an official letter to Italy asking for it to abolish the national law banning the use of milk powder, condensed milk and reconstituted milk in the manufacture of dairy products. According to the EU, Italy must conform to the European regulations that allow these ingredients, because the current Italian law prohibiting these milk surrogates represents a restriction on the free movement of goods.


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Prisoners working at Expo 2015

100 prisoners have been chosen to work for the six months at Expo 2015. The project aimes at the reintergration of the prisoners and has been made possible thanks to an agreement signed in 2009 between the Ministry of Justice and Milano Expo. The programme foresees the participation of one hundred prison inmates from various prisons in Lombardy, working different shifts in logistic and hospitality services, helping both Expo staff and visitors. Numerous foreign convicts have been involved also because 35% of the convicts in Lombardy are non-Italian. Also women prisoners are involved, in respect of their presence in the overall prison population, that is 7-8%.


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Italian Astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti's latest achievement

The Italian astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti completed her space mission “Futura” and landed in the Kazakh steppe after a three-hour ride in the Soyuz spacecraft together with NASA astronaut Terry Virts and Russian commander Anton Shkaplerov. Not only is the Italian Samantha Cristoforetti the seventh ESA astronaut and the first female ESA astronaut to complete a long-duration mission in space, but she has also set new records for the longest single time in space for an ESA astronaut and for female astronauts in general. Astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti has been on the International Space station for almost 200 days, breaking the record of 195 days set by NASA’s Sunita Williams back in 2007.


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The Extraordinary Italian Taste Logo

Milan Expo celebrates the "The Extraordinary Italian Taste" presenting the first logo certifying the “made in Italy” in the world. In the new logo the words "The Extraordinary Italian Taste" accompanies an Italian flag with three waves symbolysing the concept of growth and developement. The shape of the flag gives also the impression that someone has taken a bite of it, to suggest the impossibility of resisting Italian food. The brand was created by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry, and the Ministry of Economical development to certify the quality of Italian products in the world.


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Made in Italy Awards 2015

Made in Italy awards, the recognition dedicated to the made in Italy opened the selections for its 2015 edition in New York. Applications can be submitted untill the 15th of June. The initiative, which obtained the patronage of the Italian trade agency (ITA) - the government organisation promoting the internationalisation of Italian companies, in line with the strategies of the Ministry for Economic Development of Italy - is meant to celebrate Italian excellence and success in the United States.


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Italian Villages for sale (one on ebay!)

Do you fancy a village in Italy? You can buy it on eBay! Calsazio in Val Locana, on the Piedmont side of Gran Paradiso was on sale on ebay for 245 thousand Euros, the equivalent of the price of an apartment in the city. But at this price you can buy 14 houses made of wood and stone. In other towns, mayors are selling houses for 1 Euro in the hope of keeping the villages alive and to prevent them from becoming ghost towns. Some of them need thousands of Euros in restoration. But you could also get by with 18,000 Euros.


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Italy has almost 20,000 ghost towns

Italy has nearly 20,000 ghost towns, remains of a glorious past full of history, that are totally or partly abandoned. The population had left for lack of jobs, or natural disasters, such as earthquakes and floods, or the lack of running water and electricity. With a few thousand Euros it is possible to purchase one or more buildings. There are also entire villages put on the market.


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Some top Italian bankers based in London

The biggest global banks in London have a weakness for Italian and Spanish managers. As “Bloomberg business” reported, over the past five years at five of the biggest global banks in London the new heads of mergers and acquisitions are Italian or Spanish. Italian banker Gilberto Pozzi has recently been appointed co-head of Goldman Sachs Group Inc. worldwide M&A team and Diego de Giorgi is the new co-head of global investment banking of Bank of America Corp.


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