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Italian Pensioners Relocating to Portugal

Due to the lack of job opportunities Italy has been defined many times as a country unsuitable for young people. Apparently now Italy is not good for pensioners either, as an increasing number of retired people go to live abroad. In the last two years a significant pensioners' exodus has taken place. It's another sign that life in Italy has become too expensive, and poor social security, and health care, don't make people feel happy to live the last years of their lives in Italy, considering also that they often have to support younger members of the family. In 2014 an amazing number of pensioners, 5.345 left Italy. The number has doubled since 2010 and last year they were 64% more than the year before. Many of them went to Tunisia, Romania, Bulgaria. 71% of pensioners emigrated over the past 5 years moved to other European countries (11,735), 10% to North America and 6% to South America. Only 434 people moved to Oceania, but the increase was very significant. The amount of pensions paid to retired people abroad amounts to about 300 million Euros from 2010.


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Rome's Mayor Ignazio Marino resignation after scandal

Rome's Mayor, Ignazio Marino, elected in 2013 with 64% of the vote, has resigned following a scandal over the city council credit card expenses. Prosecutors have ordered the finance police to seize all records of expenses Marino made using the city's credit card. The investigation was set off by a formal report from two opposition parties, the small right-wing Brothers of Italy (FdI) and the 5-Star Movement, currently the second-largest party in Italy after Marino's PD. The mayor could face embezzlement charges, being accused by the opposition of having spent 20,000 euros of taxpayers' money on private dinners.


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Milan Expo 2015 a success?

Milan Expo closed on the 31st of October 2015 with over 21.5 million visitors. It was a success in terms of public but among the things for which Expo will be remembered are the interminable queues.. Expo was attended by 60 heads of state and governments from all over the world: Chancellor Angela Merkel, Vladimir Putin, French President, Francois Hollande, the prime ministers of Spain and Britain, Mariano Rajoy and David Cameron, and the First Lady, Michelle Obama. The closing ceremony was presided by the Head of State, Sergio Mattarella. Roberto Maroni, Giuliano Pisapia and Agriculture Minister, Maurizio Martina also attended the ceremony.


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Save Pasta Rummo Appeal

“L' acqua non ci ha mai rammollito” (water has never softened us) is the key sentence of the Facebook campaign to support “Rummo”, the pasta factory severely affected by the flood of the night between the 14th and 15th of October in the Benevento area, in which at least five people have died after storms in central Italy caused flooding and landslides. Cars were submerged, shops inundated by mud and basements flooded. Four meters of water flooded the production site of pasta Rummo. Machineries, raw materials, tons of products were destroyed, creating enormous difficulties for the company but what struck the public opinion was that 1.500 workers in the area were left without a home and a job.


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Saffron Hill Play Review

Saffron Hill (produced by Tricolore Theatre Company)– a new play by Penny Culliford premiered on 6th October 2015 at Pleasance Theatre, Islington One street, one family, three stories. The play consists of three acts which follows the lives and fortunes of generations of a fictional family in Saffron Hill, Clerkenwell from the 1870s to the 1960s. The play explores, through the eyes of this family, the issues, attitudes and music of the times. Although based around historical events, these stories represent the personal lives, loves and losses of Italian immigrant families living in the area.


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2015 Grape Harvest boost for Italy

The Italian grape harvest 2015 is going to be an exceptionally good one for some kinds of wine. The grape harvesting lasts until November, only 30% of it has been completed so far. According to Ismea and the Ministry of agriculture there was a significant increase in the production compared to 2014. If these data are confirmed Italy will regain the world leadership among the wine producer countries, as 46.5 million hectolitres are foreseen for this year in France (-1%) and 43 million in Spain(-3%).


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Milan Fashion Week 2015

Autumn has just started but in the fashion industry it's already spring! As every year Milan fashion week sets the new trends for the new season, which opened under a very good sign, as Italy's national chamber of fashion has forecast a five percent rise in sales this year, up to 64.5 billion Euros. The proposals this year were soft and asymmetric lines. The patterns were flowered with various kinds of vegetation. Versace showed military camouflage for city dwellers, and stripes, but there were also other geometric forms. Colours were romantic, such as the Emporio Armani's pink but more than anything the colours were all warm, gold, sand yellow, brass as in the Antonio Marras' collection. The classic black and white remains a must in all the collections.


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A "Godfather's" funeral

A very luxurious funeral was celebrated in Rome to pay homage to Vittorio Casamonica, mafia boss dealing with extortion in the south east outskirts of Rome. The coffin was transported in a black carriage drawn by black horses through the city of Rome. In the meantime a helicopter passed over the city spreading red rose petals on the crowd which applauded. The coffin was then transferred into a Rolls-Royce as if in an American film on mafia. To underline this similarity the music from the famous film “The godfather” was played. The funeral was held in the same church which refused to accept the funeral of Giorgio Welby, who appealed for euthanasia to put finish to his suffering.


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72nd Venice Film Festival Highlights

The 72nd edition of the Venice film festival, directed by Alberto Barbera, has for the first time since 2009 four Italian directors competing for the golden lion: Bellocchio, Guadagnino, Messina e Gaudino. Is it a sign of a flourishing Italian film industry? “Let's not deceive ourselves”, reportedly said Alberto Barbera, according to whom quantity doesn't mean quality and even though there were three Italian films at the last edition of Cannes film festival, Italy didn't bring back home any awards.


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Campania's Land of Fires - Illegal Burning of Toxic Waste

Part of the Campania region is sadly known as the “Land of Fires” for the frequent illegal burning of toxic waste. Last year, firefighters extinguished 2,531 fires in the area. The region has had chronic problems with illegal landfills and the regulations regarding waste disposal have been ignored. The local mafia, the camorra, became a big player of the lucrative waste disposal business in the 1980s and since then toxic waste has been buried illegally in the Campania region for decades. The problem is not only the pollution caused by toxic waste, but also that the unhealthy air conditions caused high levels of cancer in the area, way above the national average.


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