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Mario Balotelli - a brief history

What’s so special about this young man who dedicated his goals against Germany to his foster Mum? Apart from his undisputed talent and a moody, undisciplined, character this 21 year old is the first football player of African origins to become a national hero.


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Italian Olympic Team Dressed by Armani

The Italian team is getting ready for the opening ceremony at the Olympic Stadium in East London on July 27. On this special occasion they will be wearing the uniforms designed by Giorgio Armani. The games promise to be very fashionable as not only Armani but also U.S. designer Ralph Lauren and Britain’s Stella McCartney have created stylish kits for their respective national teams. For the first time the Italian fashion designer, one of the most acclaimed in the world, leaves his sober and sophisticated mark on the most important sport event of our times.


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Italian Tweets

The first research on Italian twitters has been presented at the last edition of “The state of the net”, the conference about the state of the Internet held every year in Trieste. For the first time 31.5 million Italian tweets have been analysed. The software “Blogmeter”, made it possible to automatically extract the quality of the mood (positive, negative, mixed) contained in the tweet and to keep a record of any changes in the users’ attitudes.


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Euros 2012 England and Italy

The final gained priority even over traditional ceremonies, for example, the patron’s procession in Agrigento was postponed. Only Siena stamped its feet and gave absolute priority to the “Palio”. In London a huge number of Italians gathered to watch the match together in Soho (Bar Italia) or in other Italian restaurants and bars. London’s city centre was covered with the colours of the two teams: red and yellow against white red and green. It was fascinating to see how many Spanish and Italian supporters were moving towards the city centre to follow the mach together.


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Political Involvement of Italians in London

Since World War II, politics has not been one of the main interests for Italians in the United Kingdom, who focused mainly on working and improving their socio-economic conditions, thus providing better opportunities for their children. According to the Italian law, Italian citizens resident abroad could come back to Italy and vote in general and local elections, but only a few made use of this right. More recently, especially after European integration in 1993, the political agenda of Italians living abroad has emerged, with a focus on voting rights and political representation. Finally, the right of Italians abroad to vote was modified in 2001 (law 459/2001), introducing the postal vote, creating an overseas electoral constituency for Italians abroad, and giving them for the first time the right to run for election


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Three thousand Vespa enthusiast celebrate Vespa World Day

Just a few days ago more than three thousand enthusiasts representing 780 Clubs from all over the world gathered in London (02 exhibition centre, Greenwich) to celebrate “Vespa” the world’s most famous scooter. 87 Italian clubs and 117 international clubs spread all over the world joined the Vespa world day. The world rally in London celebrated also the 60th anniversary of the UK’s first “Vespa Club”. The formation of associations began in Italy practically together with the launch of the Vespa, in 1946. Nowadays the phenomenon continues to grow, with 40 National Vespa Clubs now belonging to the “Vespa World Club”, and more than 780 registered local Vespa Clubs, for a total of more than 40,000 members around the world.


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Bandiera blu 2012 awards listed as almost 50% of Italians expected not to go on holiday this year

It’s a hard time for Italy. Almost one Italian out of two won’t go on holiday this year. This is what has been estimated by “Codacons”, which has also foreseen an increased expenditure of 15% for the luckiest who can still afford a holiday. In the meanwhile 246 beaches distributed in 131 municipalities have been awarded the “Bandiera blu”, the award allocated by the nongovernmental and no profit organization FEE (Foundation for Environmental Education) to the resorts and beaches which respect the quality criteria for water services and environmental management. The Liguria region holds the first place again but there are 7 new entries. some are already famous localities such as Anacapri, Palau, Ventotene, Sanremo, some others are less known such as Petacciato in Molise, Monopoli in Puglia e Melissa in Campania. Moreover, the isle of Vulcano has been awarded the “bandiera blu” as well as the Lipari Island, already a “bandiera blu” holder.


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Pasta sales fall - Ragu Napoletano health benefits?

Is austerity affecting spaghetti? Apparently, yes! Pasta sales in Italy have dropped over the past year to Euros 2.7 billion from 3.1 billion in 2009. This means that pasta makers have to try harder to keep their customers loyal with discounts and special offers. The surprising data is that while the consume decreased in Italy, pasta sales have grown worldwide steadily over the past three years to reach 22.3 billion last year, according to Euromonitor research


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Ban football for 3 years - Italy football scandal

In the last years Italian football has been marked by one scandal after another. Following after “Calciopoli” in 2006, an illegal betting ring involving some of the biggest clubs and most powerful men in football in connection with the Camorra, the Neapolitan mafia, the new big scandal exploded last week after an investigation on match-fixing in 2010-11 Serie A championship, including games between Lazio and Genoa and Lecce and Lazio. Lazio Capitan Stefano Mauri, suspected of being one of a group of players who took €600,000 (£480,000) in bribes last season to fix the result of a match between Lazio and Lecce has been arrested together with the former Genoa midfielder Omar Milanetto and 12 other people.


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Let's become a bilingual family

“Let’s become a bilingual family” is the European project carried out by the “Università la Sapienza di Roma” to encourage bilingualism in the family context. This research project, founded by the lifelong learning programme of the European commission, started in 2010 and will last for two years. 125 families from 5 different European countries joined the research programme. In Italy 39 families took part in the project and 31 are still involved. All the families have been provided with a tutor, a guide, materials and activities to use together and online.


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