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Harrods in Porto Cervo

What if on your holiday in Sardinia you miss Harrods? Although this is a very unlikely circumstance because the natural beauty of the region might divert the attention of even the most shopping obsessed people; the luxury department store, one of the world's largest and most famous, might make you feel at home. So, if you suddenly become a billionaire you know where to go for your holiday shopping. This time the company’s offers are temporarily presented in a completely new environment: Porto Cervo on the Costa Smeralda. The new boutique is in a Deluxe Village, a luxury-shopping development.


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Milking the system in Italy

In Italy some people are shrewder than others, but not in a good way. Dishonest acts, usually related to tax payment are quite frequent and usually honest taxpayers have to foot the bill. To prevent this the European commission has intervened in the case of the milk quota as dairy companies have exceeded EU milk production limits over a period of 15 years. The case concerns fines imposed on Italian dairies between 1995 and 2009 for exceeding strict annual EU production quota, fixed under the Common Agricultural Policy. The milk quota system was created to limit the overproduction of Milk in the EU. Every state has an established production limit. If that limit is exceeded a fine has to be paid.


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Ancient Roman cement the best?

Once built a building in ancient Rome you could forget about it. They were meant to last forever and most of them did. A stroll through Rome, the eternal city, is enough to appreciate the efforts of the human kind against the deterioration caused by time. Why have roman buildings lasted longer than the most recently built ones? The “secret” of the Roman cement durability has finally been discovered, as a team of researchers from Italy and the United States analysed a sample of concrete which dates back to 37 B.C. The sample was taken from a breakwater in Italy’s Pozzuoli Bay, at the northern tip of the Bay of Naples.


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Guida blu 2013

Legambiente and Touring club presented “Guida blu 2013”, the classification of the seaside resorts. The sail assigned in the “Guida blu” differs from the flags of the FEE (Foundation for Environmental Education) international recognition based on the quality of the bathing water. Among the other criteria the purification of waste water, waste management, regulation of vehicular traffic, safety, and beach services. The Blue Guide evaluates the natural and environmental characteristics of the Italian beaches, but also wants to reward those places which offer an excellent welcome, combining the beauty of the landscape with excellent management, accessibility and the right supporting services.


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Franca Rame died aged 84

The Italian icon of cultural and political commitment Franca Rame has died at the age of 84. Rame, leading actress, playwright and militant leftwing politician was the wife and professional partner of the Nobel prize winner Dario Fo. Thousands of people paid tribute to the actress in largo Greppi, in front of the Strehler theatre in Milan. It was a triumph of red, the colour which Rame asked women to wear, and many did, together with men holding roses or wearing red scarves.


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Lousy Spring Weather hits Italys' farms

Where has sunny Italy gone? I know, Italians should never complain about the weather in front of a Briton! As an Anglo-Italian though, I feel free to complain. Apart from jokes, it has been a very rainy year in Italy and this is a matter of fact which unfortunately - apart from upsetting tourists and all the people that are usually, at this time of the year, already sunbathing on the beach - has already caused serious damage to the land and crops in Northern Italy.


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Bandiera blu 2013

After so much bad news coming from the “bel paese” here is finally a good one: the Italian coasts awarded with the “Bandiera blu”, the recognition for the cleanest coast and marinas, have increased this year.


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Some interesting facts about The Italian Embassy in London

The Italian Embassy at No. 4 Grosvenor Square is a fascinating place both for its art collection and for the history of the building in which it is housed. The land occupied today by the square and the surrounding area were once part of the Manor of Ebury, which belonged to Westminster Abbey, and later came into the possession of the Crown. James I sold it in 1623 to private purchasers, and then in 1626 the Manor of Ebury was bought by Hugh Audley, who at his death passed to his wife, Mary Davies. She later married Sir Thomas Grosvenor, whose son, Sir Richard, started the development of the area around 1710. Sir Richard’ s plans were ambitious.


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Saying I do in Italy - a boom in luxury weddings

A luxury wedding in Italy? Why not? It’s the new trend! Like in a movie, foreign couples, especially Americans, choose Italy to say yes, bringing friends and family, and they also have an adjoining honeymoon in the “bel paese”. 6,180 weddings of foreigners have been celebrated in Italy In 2012. 24% of Americans engaged couples choose to celebrate their wedding away from home, opting for a beautiful exotic location or the Old Continent. Italy is one of their favourite destinations.


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Changes in the drinking habits of Italians

The new ISTAT report “Use and abuse of alcohol in Italy “gives a detailed snapshot of alcohol consumption in Italy in the last 10 years. Italians (women in particular) have been drinking less during the last 10 years but more often outside meal times. Binge drinking is also on the decrease and it’s more popular among young boys and often associated with smoking and going to discos, music and sports events. From 2002 to 2012 the daily consumption of alcohol has decreased by 24,6% and by 32,6% among women.


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