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Where do Italians buy their Christmas Gifts?

Where are Italians going to buy their Christmas gifts? 41% of Italians will buy them from shopping centres, 4% less than last year, while 21% of Italians, 5% more than last year, are going to buy them online. 21% will buy from small shops and flea markets. In time of difficulties Christmas markets are the ideal place where small cheap gifts can be found. There’s no shortage of these markets in Italy! In Valle d’Aosta at the Marché Vert Noël (Green Christmas Market) it’s possible to buy candles, Christmas decorations, handmade soaps, ceramics, wooden handicrafts and antique furniture, as well as clothing and accessories made from wool, felt, hemp and lace.


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Italian women - underpaid and undervalued?

Women work more than men for less money! Despite this being a general truth almost everywhere on the planet, in Italy the number of hours women work more than men is quite significant.


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The human cost of counterfeiting of Made in Italy Products

According to the Report “ Agromafie” 2013 elaborated by Eurispes and Coldiretti the counterfeiting of made in Italy food products has cost three hundred thousand jobs. However, this enormous damage could be absorbed with enforcement action at national and international levels. The report based on the data provided by the National Anti-mafia directorate estimates that 5 thousand local restaurants are in the hands of organized crime and that 15% of agricultural activities are illegal.


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Halloween Italian Style

Halloween’s popularity in Italy has grown in the last years, but just a few decades ago Halloween in Italy was just an American holiday, a sort of Carnival known by Italians through movies and McDonald’s. The real Italian festivity is All Saints Day (November 1st). The 2nd of November is the day dedicated to the remembrance of the dead by visiting cemeteries taking flowers and candles to dead relatives and friends.


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Castles and Islands for Sale in Italy state firesale?

Cash for castles, islands and villas. It is the last call for an Italian bargain! As a clear sign of a biting crisis, Italy is ready to put up for auction part of its heritage. Historic Italian sites will be sold off to fill Italian state coffers in order to obey to the EU austerity rules.


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50th Anniversary of the Vajont tragedy

On the 9th of October Italy remembered one of the worst man-made environmental disasters of all time: the Vajont tragedy. Fifty years ago, on the evening of the 9th of October 1963, the landslide of mount Toc, in the artificial lake created by the Vajont dam, caused a huge wave which killed 1910 people. Vajont is the name of the torrent which flows through the valley of Erto and Casso to reach the river Piave in front of Longarone and Castellavazzo, in the province of Belluno.


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Truffles, Chestnuts, Speck, Pumpkin - Autumn"Sagre"

Finally Autumn has arrived also in the “bel paese”. Anyway there’s no need to be sad because the month of October is full of exquisite and bubbling “sagre” all through Italy. Let’s just go through some of the most famous ones. From October the 10th to November the 17th , the town of Alba celebrates the most awaited event of the season, the 83rd edition of the fair of Truffle of Alba. The heart of the fair is the Truffle World Market, open Saturdays and Sundays, which includes in a single structure seekers and traders. A commission of quality control guarantees the quality of the products. The event is accompanied by pageants and events in costume.


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Costa Concordia salvage operation

One of the biggest Italian dishonourable events of the last few years, the shipwreck of the Costa Concordia, which caused the death of 32 people, has turned into a success for Italian engineers as far as the operations to upright the ship are concerned. Italian engineers managed to lift and turn the ship using a platform and a system of cables. It was the first time that such a huge ship, over 951 feet long (290m) had been lifted. The ship of 114,000 tons was raised from the rocks and rolled up onto her keel. Parbuckling, a process used to break the ship away from the reef made use of more than 50 enormous chains and winches. The operation was carried out very slowly to prevent further damage to the hull, which had been partially submerged for months in 15m (50ft) of water and had been fully exposed to the elements.


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TheTen commandments of Italian Cooking

The first time I saw a child putting ketchup on the lasagna I had just taken out of the oven I couldn’t refrain myself from screaming “Noooo you can’t do this!” The mother of the poor creature apologised saying, “I’m sorry I know it but this is how he likes it”. After many years of tolerating outrageous bad cooking and imprudent misuse of Italian ingredients, some of the basic rules of Italian cooking have been put on paper.


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Italian Documentary Sacro wins Venice Film Festival

The Italian documentary Sacro GRA by Gianfranco Rosi won the 70th edition of the Venice film festival. For the first time the jury, this year headed by filmmaker Bernardo Bertolucci, handed the top Golden Lion prize to a documentary. The last Italian director to be assigned the prize was Gianni Amelio with “Così ridevano” in 1998. The documentary by Gianfranco Rosi tells the life stories of people dealing with the most extensive urban highway in Italy, the Grande Raccordo Anulare of Rome.


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