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Porcini and Truffle boom

Italy’s exceptional rainy Summer might have been worthwhile because Autumn 2014 will be an extraordinary year for truffles and mushrooms. The abundant rain created favourable conditions also for particular types of mushrooms, such as porcini, finferli, trombette, and truffles will hit a record for production and quality. The production this year, due to the lingering summer, could continue until late November.


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Genova's flood October 2014

A few days ago flood waters that swept through the city of Genova caused a tragic death and substantial damage to the territory. Only three years have passed since 6 people died in Genova for the same reasons. This year, just as 3 years ago, Genova’s biggest river, the Bisagno, burst its banks. Torrents of mud and water killed one person, a 57-year-old man. Shop windows were also smashed and cars swept aside by the devastating passage of the water. Also an intercity train to Milan was reported to have derailed because of a landslide. Damage has been estimated at 200 million Euros.


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EU's Frontex's Triton to replace Mare Nostrum

EU border agency Frontex's “Triton” naval mission will become effective from the 1st of November. It will not replace Italy's “Mare Nostrum” sea search-and-rescue operation, but Angelino Alfano, the Italian Ministry of Internal affairs announced that “Mare nostrum” will be called off when Triton will enter into force. The two missions have different aims and different budgets at their disposals so the cancellation of Mare nostrum is likely to put in danger the lives of millions of immigrants.


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A typical day in the life of an Italian?

The film director Gabriele Salvatores, 1991 foreign-language Oscar winner for “Mediterraneo”, with the support of the producing house Indiana, asked the Italian population to film one day in their life: the 26th of October 2013. Italians sent 44,000 videos for a total of 2,200 hours of videos. Salvatores and his team selected and edited the videos so as to tell the world what a day in the life of an Italian looks like.


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Reduction in punishment for rape if atti di minore gravità” (actions of less importance) can be demonstrated.

A shocking verdict of the court of appeal has established that a punishment reduction is possible for a man accused of rape if the mitigating circumstance of “atti di minore gravità” (actions of less importance) can be demonstrated. The defendant of a 48 year old Venetian, convicted of abuse in the family and sexual violence against his wife, requested for extenuating circumstances because the abuse occurred only when he was drunk. The thesis was strongly opposed by Attorney General Pietro Gaeta, who urged the inadmissibility of the request.


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Want to buy Villa Pinocchio?

Villa Garzoni in Collodi, in the province of Pistoia, also known as the Villa of the hundred windows or Pinocchio’s villa, is up for sale. The price is around € 19 million. The added value of this unique property is the myth of Pinocchio which attracts thousands of people every year to Collodi from all over the world.


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2014 Grape Harvest

According to Coldiretti the grape harvest 2014 might provide to be the poorest since 1950. Their estimation was that bad weather was the main cause. The Italian wine production this year might be less than 41 million hectolitres, but it will still depend on the last weeks of September.


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Bad weather damages summer tourism

Summer is ending, but has it ever really started this year? For the first time in 20 years Italians are going back to work with the feeling that Summer never happened. Summer 2014 will be remembered as the worst in the last 20 years in terms of tourists’ presence and bad weather. According to Codacons only one Italian out of four went on holiday this year and the damage on Italy’s tourism industry is significant. Rain, storms and strong winds have affected the Italian coast all through the Summer causing a reduction of presence on the beach of about 50%.


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200 years of The Carabinieri

The Carabinieri celebrate this year their 200th anniversary. The Force was founded on the 13th of July 1814 by Vittorio Emanuele I, Duke of Savoy and King of Sardinia, almost half a century before modern Italy was formed. The Carabinieri were established on the model of the French police force with civil and military duties. Who are the Carabinieri? Are they the Italian Police? Not really. In Italy there are two police forces the “Polizia” and the “Carabinieri”. They have a different history, organization and functions. The police are a civil force under the Home office, the Carabinieri are an armed force under the Ministry of defence and they can exert civil functions and also carry out foreign missions with the army.


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Giorgio Faletti, actor, writer,painter, song writer and singer

Giorgio Faletti, actor, writer, painter, song writer and singer, passed away in Turin on the 4th of July 2014. Giorgio Faletti was born on the 25th of November 1950 in Asti, Piedmont. He obtained a degree in law and performed cabaret at the “Derby” of Milan with Teo Teocoli, Diego Abatantuono, Massimo Boldi, Paolo Rossi e Francesco Salvi. His career in television began with Raffaella Carrà in "Pronto Raffaella". He soon became one of the most popular TV comedians of the 80s, with his famous character, Vito Catozzo in the programme “Drive in”.


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