FEATURES » 62% of Italians will go on holiday this year

62% of Italians will go on holiday this year

According to the 18th edition of Barometro Vacanze Ipsos-Europ Assistance, the survey on summer travel intentions of European citizens and people from all over the world, Italian people have a higher budget at their disposal this year. This is in countertrend with respect to the rest of Europe, and preference is for foreign destinations.

64% of Europeans will go on holiday marking an increase of 1 percentage point if compared with last year. 62% of the Italian population will set off for a holiday this year.

On a European scale, spending is down by two points compared to 2017, standing at around € 1,957. In Italy, it is growing but remains lower in absolute terms: € 1,776.

In Europe, the duration of the holidays remains stable compared to 2017 at 1.8 weeks (with the exception of France and Switzerland where holidays are going to last two weeks or more), Italy, in line with last year, is slightly below the average with 1.7 weeks of vacation. More or less 10/11 days.

If the dominant trend is that of domestic destinations, this year it drops by as much as four percentage points (from 56 to 52%). The first place for holiday destinations remains Spain as in 2017, followed by France and Greece.

The seaside is the top choice for 70% of Italians, but those who intend to discover new places and countries, not necessarily linked to seaside relaxation, are up 5 points. Only 29% of Italians are going to already known destinations, a percentage among the lowest in the survey, followed by the French, the Spanish, the Polish and the Portuguese.

Other criteria for choosing the destination were the possibility to take part in sportive activities, climatic conditions, and maybe the opportunity to visit friends and relatives. On the other hand, the declared holiday goal is to regain peace of mind for 54% and dedicate time to family and friends (44%), while the curiosity to discover new cultures is just below, at 43% but clearly growing compared to 2017 (30%).  

As for accommodation, the hotel remains the preferred destination for 47%. 32% choose holiday homes followed by family and friends. The b & b formula is also on a growing trend (+ 2% compared to 2017) for Italians, becoming the third option after hotels and holiday homes. As for the temporary rental of an Airbnb-style house, the French remain the citizens most inclined to this solution while for the rest of the sample the hotel is still the main choice.

Giulia Lombardo

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