17-Feb-17 10:22 - By Giulia Lombardo

What makes a real Italian? Survey results might surprise you

What makes a real Italian? Someone might say traditional food, family values and love for the Italian culture in general. The study by Pew Research Centre asked Italians which factors were "important for being truly Italian". The Pew Research Centre survey finds that people generally give a relatively low value to a person’s birthplace. Only 13% of Australians, 21% of Canadians, 32% of Americans and a median of 33% of Europeans believe that it is very important for a person to be born in their country in order to be considered a true national.


17-Feb-17 10:17 - By Giulia Lombardo

Tax breaks to incentivise the "Suoer Rich" to invest in Italy

Italy attempts to attract international elite to invest their money in the “Bel paese” in the hope to boost investments and consumption. The super-rich of all nationalities who have lived outside the country for at least nine years can benefit from a new tax regime. Hundreds of people, including Italians returning home from abroad, are expected to take up the offer of the exemption of foreign income from Italian tax in exchange for the payment of €100,000 a year.


02-Feb-17 14:43 - By Giulia Lombardo

Changes in law aimed at deterring cultural vandalism

Italy has more world heritage sites than any other country on earth. Important monuments and art masterpieces have often been damaged. The colosseum, symbol of the city of Rome, was recently vandalised. The City authorities announced plans to increase security around the area and harsher punishments for those who break the rules. Ultra high-tech surveillance is also going to be put into use. After the terrorist attacks in France, Germany and Belgium, security on the tourist sites had already been increased since Italy's terror warning is level 2, which is the highest possible in the absence of a direct attack. Nevertheless, in most tourist areas there is no night time security staff. Recently, two drunk tourists tried to break into the colosseum at night but they fell over the gate and were later charged with trespassing. On the same night on one of the columns close to the entrance the word 'morte' (death) had been written in black paint.