13-Apr-18 16:14 - By Giulia Lombardo

Rush to join the registry of Italians living abroad

Brexit is bringing out a hitherto submerged crowd of Italians living in England. The uncertainty related to the exit of Great Britain from the European Union is bringing tens of thousands of Italians, some resident for years, to want to regularise their position by joining the Aire, the Registry of Italians Residing Abroad. The numbers are increasing at such a pace that the Consulate General of London has overtaken Buenos Aires, becoming the first in the world by number of members and workloads.


13-Apr-18 16:11 - By Giulia Lombardo

1 euro can buy you a house in Sardegna?

Sardinia is giving away run-down houses in the countryside at 1 euro upon an investment of at least £20,000 on the properties. The town in question is Ollolai, which lies almost at the centre of Sardinia, a 110-mile drive north of the capital, Cagliari. In the town there are about 200 unused dwellings - some of them more than 200 years old. The new owners have to agree to commit about £20,000. The refurbishment would also need to be completed within the next three years.


23-Feb-18 17:00 - By Giulia Lombardo

Brain cancer breakthrough by Italian Team

Italians are often at the forefront of medical research but their ground-breaking results are often carried out abroad. The latest breakthrough was the discovery of the genetic alteration at the root of many forms of cancer, by the team led by the Italians Antonio Iavarone and Anna Lasorella at New York’s Columbia University. New progress in the personalised treatment of cancer was made by the discovery of the mechanism behind an important genetic alteration that causes a large percentage of cancers, including glioblastoma, the most aggressive and lethal type of brain tumour. This discovery will allow the testing of ‘targeted’ treatments to block its development.