19-Jan-18 14:50 - By Giulia Lombardo

Eataly's new 40,000 sg ft venue in London

Good news for Italian food lovers: Eataly, the Italian food hall brand, is set to open a gigantic 40,000-square-feet venue in London’s Broadgate development this year. The news was reported by the Evening Standard but it’s difficult to put your finger on it, as many announcements have been made in the past regarding the opening of Eataly in London. Apparently, the “foodie theme park” will feature restaurants, shops and even professional lessons in preparing Italian dishes.


19-Jan-18 14:48 - By Giulia Lombardo

The French love Italian Cheese

Italian cheese has beaten French cheese! A Coldiretti’s report based on data collected from Istat in the first seven months of the year, showed that the French have become the main consumers of Italian cheese. Exports to France have almost doubled (up by 94%) in a decade. The defeat of the most representative French products: Camembert, Brie, Roquefort and other local specialties is one of the effects of the 7% growth in exportation of Italian cheese abroad compared to last year, and the 84% increase over the last decade.


19-Jan-18 14:46 - By Giulia Lombardo

March 2018 General Election

Italians are going to cast their votes next March. The previous premier, Matteo Renzi, stepped down after his electoral law proposal was rejected by the population in a referendum. Since then a new prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni, took his place and a new electoral law was passed, in late October, finding fierce opposition from the Five Star Movement which accused the new law of being rigged against them because it favoured parties which build alliances, something the Five Star Movement has always been against. The controversial electoral law is a mix of proportional representation and first-past-the-post voting.