07-Apr-17 15:40 - By Michael Capocci

Doctor Who, Status Quo, Lady Gaga and Picinisco linked?

Picinisco, a village in Lazio, is celebrating its 1000 year this year. Some Backhill readers will be descendants of families who first emigrated to the Uk in the late eighteen hundreds. What do a small village in the mountains of Central Italy, King Canute , Edinburgh in Scotland ,Winsor Ontario and Doctor Who have in in common ? King Canute came to the English throne in May 1017. He was the English monarch who famously tried to order the tide to retreat and almost drown himself because of his obstinacy This date is shared by the village of Picinisco which also celebrates its millennium this year.


07-Apr-17 15:34 - By Giulia Lombardo

Italian Men should prefer Eastern European Women TV Uproar

Do Italian men prefer Eastern European women? According to a TV programme, broadcast by RAI/Uno (the Italian state owned television), Italian men should date Eastern European women for at least 6 good reasons. The graphic, “The threat comes from East”, introduced the show questioning whether Eastern European women were the ideal wives because they submit to men. The programme was immediately taken off the air after harsh protests on social media. The programme suggested that Eastern European women were better than Italian women because, among other reasons, they are "always sexy" and "are perfect housewives". The controversial programme was the afternoon show "Let's talk about it on Saturday", in Italian "Parliamone Sabato", hosted by Paola Perego. A group of celebrities discussed reasons why Italian men preferred dating Eastern European women.


14-Mar-17 13:15 - By Giulia Lombardo

Italy sinking - literally?

A study by the Laboratory of Climate Modelling and the journal Quaternary Science Reviews revealed that the Italian coasts will change over the next 80 years due to the rising of the see level. However, Italy could be completely submerged by the end of the century with 5,500 square kilometres of coastal plains ending up under water. The Laboratory of Climate Modelling and the journal Quaternary Science Reviews studied four sensitive areas of the Italian peninsula which will feel the impact of rising sea level. They are, the North Adriatic, the Gulf of Taranto, the Gulf of Oristano and the Gulf of Cagliari. Some areas are already close to or below the sea level.