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Parma Ham Animal Cruelty Allegations

What is ham made out of? Pigs, of course! But are they treated like animals or like meat machines? Activists for pig welfare have often released videos of pigs kept in filthy and barren conditions. This time one of the most famous Italian ham producers: Parma Ham consortium was involved in animal cruelty accusations, as an undercover investigation found pigs kept in dire conditions at some of the farms that supply meat for Parma ham. Parma ham is one of Italy's most famous foods in Italy and abroad, with more than €1 billion euros of sales each year, producing about nine million legs of Parma ham a year and employing 50,000 people. This famous ham bears the EU's prestigious "protected designation of origin" label, which certifies food and drink that comes from a particular geographical area and is made according to long-established production techniques.


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Sales of new electric vehicles double in Italy

Whether it is for fashion or for ecological reasons, Italians are starting to embrace the concept of sustainability in food and transportation. According to data compiled by Bloomberg New Energy Finance, annual sales of new electric vehicles have doubled in Italy over the last four years. Between 2015 and 2017, quarter-on-quarter growth was on average 14 percent. The numbers are in line with the European average.


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Cicciobello Morbillo controversy

Cicciobello Morbillo, the doll with measles, launched by manufacturer Giochi Preziosi has sparked controversy in Italy. The doll suffering from measles that can be cured with cream and plasters was disapproved of, by pro-vaccine medics who called for this latest edition of the popular doll, Cicciobello, to be withdrawn from the market. According to some doctors the toy risked trivializing a serious disease which in Italy saw a significant outbreak last year, causing four deaths, included a 41-year-old and three children aged one, six, and nine. None of the victims had been vaccinated.