23-Feb-18 17:00 - By Giulia Lombardo

Brain cancer breakthrough by Italian Team

Italians are often at the forefront of medical research but their ground-breaking results are often carried out abroad. The latest breakthrough was the discovery of the genetic alteration at the root of many forms of cancer, by the team led by the Italians Antonio Iavarone and Anna Lasorella at New York’s Columbia University. New progress in the personalised treatment of cancer was made by the discovery of the mechanism behind an important genetic alteration that causes a large percentage of cancers, including glioblastoma, the most aggressive and lethal type of brain tumour. This discovery will allow the testing of ‘targeted’ treatments to block its development.


23-Feb-18 16:57 - By Giulia Lombardo

Tourists love Italy

The just concluded year has been a year of records for Italian tourism. More than 50 million tourists visited Italy in 2017 generating €200 million in revenue, an increase of around 5 million visitors and €20 million from 2016. Italy is going against the trend in relation to the rest of Europe, because for the fourth consecutive year tourism recorded double-digit growth rates, especially in the southern regions.


23-Feb-18 16:55 - By Giulia Lombardo

The growing "illegal" Italian economy

Confcooperative, an organisation representing Italian cooperatives, and Censis, a socio-economic research institute revealed in their last report that Italian illegal economy is growing fast. The report, entitled “Denied, irregular, drowned: The dark side of work” showed that between 2012 and 2015, legal employment fell by 2.1 percent, while the number of those working illegally in Italy soared by 6.3 percent.